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  🤩 - Is a virtual treasure trove of reliable information, rich resources and opportunities to connect with FND practitioners and the FND community. Newly diagnosed in 2021, I phond the site easy to navigate and extremely reassuring to review and share information about FND


"There’s so much I respected in FiNDing Hope—its rawness, its hope, the visceral depictions of a body out of control, the honest moments of despair, insights inched toward, and then backsliding out of fear and lack of being seen. It’s a tapestry of grief and self-realization that refuses to play by a strictly linear memoir playbook. Anyone facing a FND diagnosis, or really anyone enduring chronic health issues or a medical mystery, will find solace, empathy, insight, and hope in Jocelyn's words."   

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 FND or (Functional Neurological Disorder) is a neurological disorder.


 "It is when the brain does not send and receive messages accurately.” (

(Link for more depth and complexity to

That's the simplified Twitter type definition. Want to know more❓

Check out this page  for answers to FAQ at

What exactly is FND  


Trust the Experts💯

***For reliable and science-based answers to your questions about #FND after a new diagnosis go to either of the websites that were highly-recommended  at the Seizures Investigation Unit at VGH by my team of neurologists, when I was diagnosed Feb, 2021.   or 

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Are you an FND Advocate❓

Connect here with others keen to share reliable research & FND content.

Share your story to raise awareness and help others who may be struggling in silence with #FND 
You can be brave❣️ 🥰 I was, and YOU can too💯.

           Jocelyn, 2022

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