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Mental Health Toolkit

Finding Stigma-Free Partners 

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Stigma-Free Champion with the Stigma-Free Society 

Hi Everyone  I’m Jocelyn,  I’m excited to announce my collaboration with the Stigma-Free Society. I’m teaming up with Stigma-Free Society as one of their Stigma-Free Champions, to share my story and advocate for mental health!


Do you know someone struggling I was. Are you I wished someone had said:I really want to be with you and explore what’s going on for you with curiosity,” and then reassured me saying: “I’ve never experienced that, what’s that like for you❓“


That’s what I needed and appreciated when I struggled with anxiety and grief. Because of a traumatic incident, I experienced severe, complex physical trauma and daily seizures, some lasting between 10-30 minutes, sometimes up to eight in a single day. I finally end up in the seizures investigation unit, at Vancouver General. Only to be diagnosed with PTSD, FND, OCD, and Anxiety.


Together, we can create brave spaces for each other to break the silence, provide unbiased support, come alongside one another, and choose to listen with curiosity. I gained access to informed choice and resources, and you can too.  

🤩 Leave a comment. / Ask about resources, and/or suggest verified, reliable links to #mentalhealth supports.  


Do you agree that we need more brave spaces


🤩 Leave a comment to encourage and support others who may be still struggling in silence.  


We're 💯 #StrongerTogether 💚


Partners in Mental Health

Are you part of an organization that could benefit from exposure and supports
Mental Well-Being for ALL❓
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