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FND Community Rocks Care Jocelyn Bystrom FND journey
Jocelyn's FND community

It's with support that healing happens. We're definitely #strongertogether. I know I'm more resilient when I can lean on the support of connection, my communities of care, and the #FNDcommunity.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I know with certainty; that if I were still struggling alone, and not voicing my needs, and story, that I'd still be suffering in silence. It's okay to not be okay, and to reach out for the help and support we each deserve. Functional symptoms like migraines, irritable bowels, negative thoughts, seizures, or any other symptoms that show up in our unique bodies experience, affect our wellbeing can make our lives hard.

FND Community Cares About You & your health and wellbeing❗️

Just today, someone brave reached out to be asking; how I found hope! It's taken a lot of hard work, the support of varied communities of care, and prioritizing finding and creating a team for myself of supportive therapists, to journey to wellbeing. There's hope, and it comes with the skill of learning how to best advocate for yourself, and your unique needs. I've struggled, at times I still struggle with my mental health, though with the support of a community of care, I'm learning new skills that are serving me well along my journey. These new skills help me to be mindful that I'm worthy of joy, of living fully, and of meeting my unique mental, spiritual, physical, and social needs. I'm worthy; each of you are too. There's hope and we can enjoy wellbeing, even with a health diagnosis that impacts our daily living.

I'm grateful today; for each of you. You matter, and I care that our lives can be hard. Today, I'm prayerful that you hold your head high, take good care of yourself. Your life is meaningful, you're important and you deserve to have your needs met. All of them. Your life matters. If you're struggling, please reach out and advocate for the supports you require, deserve, and need.

Have a great day filled with blessings!

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I'm grateful for the FND community.

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Sep 04, 2023

Thank you for sharing your journey, Jocelyn! You're an inspiration!!!

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