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Be a LEAD team member in your own community💚

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Every LIFE Matters ❣️

It has been my privilege to learn about the work of:

and their work in Lagos, Nigeria. LEAD is the brain child of:

Kelvin Okeoghene Opiepie, LEAD's outreach seeks to locate like-minded youth between 18-35 to join their team of youth mental-health advocates. Individuals who want to step up and help them educate Nigeria's youth to defeat depression, and campaign for required mental-health supports with the aim of restoring whole-body health, and well-being to their country's youth.

LEAD Community Foundation was founded with a primary goal of advocating for youth in the world about mental health, mental illness, depression, addressing societal misconceptions, providing conducive, and the provision of accessible care for clients suffering from depression. They believe this can be achieved by engaging the community through social media and physical outreach by their youth ambassadors.

I believe in the LEAD Community Foundation too. 💚

Educating our youth about the importance of #mentalhealth advocacy is critical; especially NOW in 2022. I was inspired when Kelvin Okeoghene Opiepie reached out today and I hope you'll be inspired as well. Please support LEAD's initiatives as well as #youth initiatives in your own communities of CARE❣️

We're stronger together❣️

Let's join forces and support youth Internationally. Our youth and young adults have a critical voice that is longing to be heard.

✅ They're ready to take action NOW with your help.

💚 Take time to listen,

💚 Activate the youth in your community💯

💚 Be inspired by this group of mental-health advocates and act in your community.

💚 Reach out and support organizations that prioritize care and well-being for our youth❣️

💚 Donate your time & resources to LEAD, and mental-health programming for #youth in your community, TODAY.

Remember to check out youth advocate AVA's story below, or link to the page: AVA's Story for more information about this incredible youth mental health advocate.


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