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  Jocelyn Bystrom, Author

Our Magical Pandemic:

Stories of Love & Whimsy in Lockdown 

Edited by Jeff Ourvan,

Stone Tiger Publishing

March 13th, 2023


Unwelcome Guest, by Jocelyn Bystrom 

Available on Amazon:

This is an anthology of original short stories depicting moments of love, whimsy, fantasy, and humor during the Covid lockdown. Ranging from works featuring zombies, vampires, and aliens to others about Zoom meetings, romance, and pigeons protesting for justice, this volume captures moments of spontaneity, quirkiness, and awe amid the most wrenching social upheaval of our times. For those of us fortunate enough not to succumb to the virus, especially in the pandemic’s fearsome early days, Our Magical Pandemic is a paean to the beauty we managed to find within: life went on, and art, as it does, resolutely emerged.

Contributors to the collection include award-winning authors Susana Aikin, Rebecca Baum, Jessica Jiji, Kathleen Scheiner, Heather Siegel, and Monica Wendel. And, introducing Jocelyn Bystrom, among others.

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