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#Mental Health Above the Neck

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

This morning I found an interesting link in my inbox from Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, compliments of Canada Life. I signed up for their newsletter recently after taking a #mental health course: Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, and decided to take a closer look at the embedded assessment tool. I had a few minutes. It didn’t take long, and the results intrigued me, suggesting I ask myself a series of questions. I was hooked. I have a curious brain, which is always seeking, asking questions and researching for reliable answers.

The report I received after using the assessment tool, encouraged me to consider:

  • What personal factors may have contributed to my scores and how can I protect and sustain these personal characteristics?

  • Next, it suggested I reflect on What personal factors may have contributed to my lower scores, and what was I willing to do to address these?

I'm ready for change; I thought and, intrigued, continued read on. The report showed that I had a higher than average level of emotional intelligence, though there was still room for improvement. “No shit, Sherlocke.” I thought to myself. Next, it suggested areas of potential challenges I might face. These were not surprises. “Your scores show you could experience challenges in your relationships and stress in your own life.” I scored relatively high on self-awareness and social awareness, however will choose to develop greater skill in self and relationship management. I was curious. They had me. I read on. Wouldn’t you?

There were various tools, activities, links and resources offered to support skills the assessment suggested you develop further when you were ready to do so. Practical tools, it seemed that I could use to journey towards improved emotional intelligence.

What about you❓ Here is an opportunity for self-assessment? To understand what you need, and to advocate for yourself and acquire the care you need. You're worthy of care. Will you choose to prioritize you❓ Might you choose to use this free tool to help you identify your emotions accurately, understand the basis for your reactions, how your reactions impact others, and how other people’s emotions impact you❓

I’m not sure about you, but for me, this appeared to be a practical treasure trove of free #mentalhealth resources❣️ One I could return to whenever I might had a few minutes to choose and focus on self-care. I choose to prioritize myself and set small, manageable goals, knowing I’m worth it. I have a sincere desire to take the time to grow and develop my skill to manage relationships, because I value my relationships. I want to enjoy a strong healthy marriage, appreciate my friendships, and be a good friend, who listens respectfully in return.

How about you? Are you curious, want to improve your emotional intelligence, and believe you are worthy of self-care?

You can find out more at:


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