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Back to School - for Teachers, Leaders, & Educators

Are you an emotional labourer?

Did you know that educators are at increased risk for "compassion fatigue, emotional labour and educator burnout,... and should plan to face mental health challenges over the course of their careers as a result of the emotional labour they provide?" (Everett, 2021,p.11)

*Check out 3 #MentalHealth Resources - (links below)

Take 5 minutes for ~ You're 💯 worth it. Take a minute, open the links and bookmark these #healthandwellness resources, for when you, a colleague, a family member, or someone you care about is #struggling❣️

Teachers, Administrative Assistants,

Educational Assistants, Administrators, Leaders in Education: Welcome Back ~ September 2021~ You're 💯 worth it.❣️

Wishing you all the best for a school year filled with kindness, compassion, and a renewed sense of the inspiration you first had working with students. Enjoy, being back in classrooms working today, mindful that every child, every learner is someone's beloved.

We #CARE about #YOU! You're WORTHY of #SELFCARE 💯❣️

3 Helpful Resources for #Mentalhealthatwork





Everitt, L. (2021, April 6). Looking beyond the critical challenges: Self-care is a key part of the mental health conversation. The ATA News, p. 11.



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