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Jump to Instagram and Win: FiNDing Hope

Updated: Apr 7

(Click any image to enter & win.)

Enter to win today! Hop on over to Instagram to enter & win a copy of my new book published by Stone Tiger Books, New York, released October 2023. The reviews are sparking conversations about Functional Neurologic Disorder, and creating new pathways for FND advocacy.

Read a Review & ENTER to WIN:

Proud to announce that FiNDing Hope, was a semi-finalist in the INDIES TODAY 2023 AWARDS. Link here to read review & learn of other award winning new books.

Read FiNDing Hope recently? Leave a review on any of the sites above where readers everywhere look to discover new books! #Share your impressions and #spark #conversations about #FND #mentalhealth prioritizing wellness and be an #advocate for your own #health and #wellbeing in #2024.


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