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BC Brain Wellness Programs -Check them out!

Today, I have incredible gratitude for the BC Brain Wellness Program.  Between 2018-2022, I was a participant with an undiagnosed brain condition and chronic health challenges. Recently, I've was invited to give back as an instructor, on an interim basis while instructor: Rebecca Gifford, takes a leave this term. 

Rebecca's class, Writing for Chronic Health, was instrumental, in addition to others classes I participated in via: BCBWP programming on my diagnostic journey. Another class, that was a huge difference maker in BCBWP's line up of classes, was Mady Mooney's Art from the Heart, which I would also highly recommend.  workshop through Family Care Givers of British Columbia rounded out the three classes, I took while I was in the depths of darkness, immune-compromised, and experiencing daily seizures in 2020-2021, when I hadn't known if I would live till the end of the year. 

I am forever indebted to my neuro-muscular neurologist, my first at UBC, Silke Creswell, for her leadership, which supplemented the collaborative, trauma-informed medical practitioners like BCBWP's Sally Stelling, who paved the way for me to move with a growth mindset towards wellness. I received a formal diagnosis of FND, Functional Neurologic Disorder (FND) in February, 2021, then chose to prioritize my health, to do the hard work required to navigate back to wellness, returned to work part-time, and can drive! I literally have my life back, although now enhanced by gratitude, well-being, and a renewed sense of hope and joy. 

Welcome to the BC Brain Wellness Program – changing lives by optimizing brain wellness. "We offer evidence-informed lifestyle and wellness programs for individuals living with chronic brain conditions, their care partners, and healthy agers. We integrate active research and education in all that we do. Our program empowers individuals to tailor their participation to physical and cognitive abilities, rather than diagnostic labels. Our ongoing delivery of classes supplements traditional medical care and can lead participants to a better quality of life.

The BC Brain Wellness Program is entirely funded by private donations. Generous supporters believe in our vision of providing brain wellness, beyond all boundaries through free, online classes and educational events, accessible to people across the province. Thank you for your support."


BC Brain Wellness Program. (2024). Brain Wellness: Beyond all boundaries. Retrieved January 15, 2024, from

Today, I taught my first class via Zoom to 20 incredibly patient online BC Brain Wellness program participants, who waited patiently while I experienced tech troubles. I made mistakes, and I learn through my mistakes. While learning to teach on Zoom I can promise improvement next week. Once I got started my anxiety eventually calmed and I appreciated the compassion and curiosity of individuals who'd registered for week one of: 


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