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FND Beware - Read the Fine Print

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

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Yesterday in an FND peer support group an individual offered a suggestion of a named FND medical practitioner and I of course was curious.

Who wouldn't be willing to check out a possibility for hope, health and wellbeing after a mental health diagnosis?

At first glance I'd wondered how I'd missed this information previously. So I searched the practitioners name and a single red flag initially cropped up as I checked out the website.

As you read my musings I hope you'll FND inspiration to prioritize your health & wellbeing. I desire to be genuine & honest and encourage self-determination for anyone with a mental health or (any medical health diagnosis).

I take full responsibility for my opinions here at and what I write here are my opinions alone. My views do not represent anyone, or any organization, other than my own

My hope is that together we can learn that we can trust our intuition and our gut.

Check out the myriad of possibilities as you prioritize your own health and wellness, and know that you get to assert yourself and determine what's right for you. Everyone's body is unique, as are our needs with a new diagnosis. Be gentle on yourself and choose self-compassion, and to be #FNDAware❣️

We've got this.

I wanted to ask the candid, hard questions that my curious intelligent brain wondered as I checked out the new FND related site I landed on today. A site, which at first glance seemed to offer hope, but at considerable cost. Additionally I also noticed that it was a site without the verifiable data to back up the claims.

Please check for yourself before handing over your precious health; and financial resources.

Let's reflect on what we read, and care enough to prioritize our own health & wellbeing, including our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. No matter what the diagnosis. Kindness is the first step to recognizing that we all struggle.

Yes, I choose to proactively read the fine print.

Initially I was excited about another wholistic healing practice for FND, although as soon as I looked up the practitioners name I realized it may or may not align with my spiritual practices. This was my first red flag.

Not deterred , I continued to browse with a teachable spirit and with an open-minded growth mindset. As I read through varied pages of the website and the privacy & legal information. I read on. Questions popped up left & right. Something didn't seem quite right.

Queries arouse: 🚩

  1. What of a website that promotes healing at an initial cost of $$$, and requires a purchaser to agrees to terms and conditions that include: 🚩

" These statements, content, advice, healing methodology, consultations, services, and the formulations listed are not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. They are intended for wellness & nutritional support only." 🚩


"Disclaimer ( NAMED Website) does not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. (* Named medical practitioner) does not provide any medical or professional advice on this website.".

And yet it appeared to do both. 🚩

2. Next I looked up on LinkedIn the medical professionals education history and each of the three listed credentials became somewhat suspect as I researched the information I found. Educational institutions with slightly different names than those online. Institutions that had recently had name changes, 🚩 security leaks. 🚩

More red flags:🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

3. On sites like LinkedIn where medical professionals follow well-reputed colleagues, this practitioner although having thousands of followers didn't have many who they followed, or individuals aligning their names and professional credentials.

That's a red flag for me.🚩

So as you seek medical professionals that you deserve on your FND team, and supports you require, please consider:


  1. ✅ Read the fine print, the terms of service and privacy policies.

2. ✅ Do your due diligence, ask for referrals from individuals you trust, individuals who've earned your trust by being present for you, willingly allowed you to interview them to see if your health needs & goals align with their medical practices , values and health goals.

3. ✅ Ask questions, and check the medical practitioner's credentials, if after your first meeting you don't feel they're a good fit, keep seeking the medical professionals you deserve. There are exceptional medical practitioners out there and we each deserve the best fit for our own unique needs.

4. ✅ Good therapy can be costly. When you find your team, trust comes more easily as does the healing journey. Be willing to prioritize self care and create a budget $$$$ for your own health and wellness. You matter, and deserve the care you require. I pray that it won't come at the cost of any fraudulent individuals, targeting individuals with #FND.

5. ✅ May you have strength, peace and calm as you seek health & wellbeing, and the medical practitioners you deserve. . May you know that you're not alone. May you ask for help when you're struggling in silence. May you know others care about you, and want to help.

If you are looking for reliable FND professionals check out 's list.


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Holly Walker
Holly Walker
03 ago 2023

Great advice. Services for sale online which target struggling individuals are already suspect.

Me gusta
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