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First #FND Memoir, Coming Soon

The manuscript is complete and headed for publication.

Tentative publication,

Late Fall, 2023.

FiNDing Hope

FiNDing Hope, the first mental-health memoir about (FND) or Functional Neurologic Disorder

*** written by Jocelyn Bystrom, after I was diagnosed February 18th, 2021, and boldly proclaimed on social media:

"I struggle with my mental health."

FiNDing Hope has taken over a year to write. Now, with excitement I'm prepared for publication. I learned to love myself in the writing, prioritize my health & well-being, and journeyed to well-being. It's a life-long journey. There’s no cure for FND!

I wrote, and I write to breathe life into mental health conversations and to reduce stigma around mental illness.

If one individual reads my book, and doesn’t have to struggle in silence, as I did, then the writing, endless revisions, and seemingly never-ending edits will have been worth the effort.

I can't wait to share my story with the #FNDAware community.

@jbystromwriter @FNDingHope_jbystromwriter

I strive to juggle and balance healthy boundaries daily, and I'm grateful to be able to drive again after I experienced debilitating daily seizures. With gratitude and a growth mindset I've returned to work as an educational leader, counsellor, teacher, mental health, and FND advocate.

FiNDing Hope, is my story of a seven-year, complex physical health journey, only to learn I had an unexpected, little known, mental health diagnosis called: FND!

But, "What the heck was: FND?"

FiNDing Hope:

The Mind-Body Connection & Importance of Being Seen & Heard


Unknown member
May 13, 2023

Look forward to reading your memoir. I'm sure there will be some things that I will learn about myself from reading your journey.

Unknown member
May 21, 2023
Replying to

I’m getting a renewed sense of excitement as I begin work with a graphic designer on the cover, as well as on getting a last copy edit, before publication. 🤩

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