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Time Out for Self-Care

At times life gets too busy and my mind reels after I've inadvertently added too many goals /tasks to my TO DO list.

Does this sound like you❓

It's hard for me to fall asleep, and sleep peacefully through the night, as my mind attempts to haphazardly accomplish what I could not.

My anxiety intensifies, because I'm not managing my self-care goals efficiently. Exercise has temporarily fallen off the non-negotiables list and Ollie is giving me his sad eyes, pleading: When are we headed to the forest for a run?

My mood suffers with a lack of confidence as I recognize I've been putting too much on my proverbial plate, and then wonder why I can't accomplish it all.

Can you identify

Today, January 26th, 2022, this is me❣️ It's time for me to step back and evaluate my non-negotiables and determine what I need to give myself permission to take a break from.

My Non-Negotiables Lists:

🤩 I challenge you to make your own.

Self-Care: Jocelyn

It's not selfish to prioritize self-care.... It's a prerequisite to your #Mental Health & Wellbeing❣️ I am worthy, I am enough, I deserve to have my needs met.

Interpersonal Relationships - My Family:

I work diligently to prioritize my relationships💯❗️

They mean everything to me❗️

Physical Health & Wellness:

sleep hygiene, 30 minutes outdoors in the forest with my mental health buddy Ollie, eating nutritious meals, and taking my medications.

Spiritual Health & Wellness:

Starting the day centered with faith-based devotion, staying connected to my spiritual community, respectfully expressing my spiritual needs when appropriate, daily prayer & scripture reading, worship in community whether that be on Zoom, in person at church, or prayerfully running through the forest. God is everywhere I am. It's important to me to make the time I need to remember to whom I belong. I'm a child of God.

I'm learning to listen first, and getting a little better at practicing kindness daily.

Mental Health & Wellness:

Mindfulness Practice to calm and settle anxious thoughts, using writing and art as tools of expression and creativity, which feed me. Participating in learning communities with a growth mind-set, actively engaging with my counsellor and mental health professionals and recording my story - Completing my Memoir. Choosing daily to practice emotional regulation, self-soothing and other Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / Dialectical Behavioural therapy strategies I've found that: facilitate remission of FND, OCD, PTSD, Anxiety and improve my mood, functioning and resilience. Finally using supportive strategies, recommended by mental health practitioners, to achieve my mental-health goals. Specifically, the prevention of a relapse into the complex seizures I experienced in 2020-21, before I was able to acquire the care and support I desperately needed.

🤩🤩🤩 Importantly, to this end:

I choose self-care today, 🤪 because I've been slacking off and ought to know better. *Darn those automatic thoughts!

As of January 26th, 2022

🥰 I've given myself permission to take a self-care break from creating new content at

✅ I'll be back (date to be decided).

Meanwhile, I'm prioritizing a few of my

Non-Negotiables as I continue to:

1. Complete the manuscript for my #mentalhealth memoir, which is shaping up nicely.

2. Complete coursework (currently underway)

3. Volunteer Support for the Stigma-Free Society as a Stigma-Free Champion, and content creator for their School Staff Mental Health Toolkit.

Image Credit to one of my favourite artists:

Patrick Guindon at Check out his work here❣️ I'm the proud owner of two of Patrick's paintings. His vivid florals brighten up any dreary day; and spark joy.

I love the postcards he sells on his website. "It's Okay to Rest" is one of my favourites.


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