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1000 Followers - No problem #StrongerTogether

Ever written a memoir about #mentalhealth?

I am. I'm currently mid-manuscript on a memoir currently titled: A Very Rare Normal: Advocating for Oneself While Acquiring Care. I'm also an extremely private, introvert choosing to share her struggles with #PTSD #OCD #FND #Anxiety that others, who may be suffering in silence from 17 to 57 and beyond may know they're not alone. Together we're stronger as we advocate for #selfcare #selflove and an end to the #stigma of #mentalillness.

How can you help?

I'm so glad you asked? I need a minimum of 1000 followers but why aim low? Let's aim for the number of stars in the sky. #WeAreONE As humans, we've been gifted intelligence and minds that think. Let's value our minds and brains as we value our bodies! Let's make both #mentalhealth & #physicalhealth prioritize in our #healthandwellness practice.

Right now: go to your #socialmedia platforms and #followme! Say yes, to #mentalhealth!

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