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Are you a #Mental Health First Aider?

500,000 Canadians are trained in #mental health first aid. Are you willing to join them?

Let's celebrate, 500,000 is a lot; but not nearly enough!

It's as easy as a #click & a commitment to change!

"1 in 5 Canadians in 2021 will experience mental health distress," and it might be YOUR neighbour, YOUR friend, YOUR colleague at work or YOUR family member. Will you leave them to suffer alone; because you don't know the signs & symptoms?

What if its YOU?

Will you be ready to know the signs and symptoms, advocate for yourself and acquire needed care & support?

I wasn't and wish I had been.

Just like when someone is choking, and we step up, it's no different! "Illness is Illness." (Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety, 2021)

Download PDF • 333KB


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