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25 FND Facts from

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

In preparation for my book launch in early November, I'll be posting daily #FND aware content, to social media.

FiNDing Hope:

The Mind-Body Connection & Importance of Being Seen and Heard,

by Jocelyn Bystrom

Coming Soon from Stone Tiger Books, NY

Late October, 2023

  1. Check back for book launch details here at: This is where launch day details, the new book cover design, and a sneak peak of the first chapter will be posted for subscribers (only). If you haven't yet subscribed to, please do. Don't miss out on the lastest #FND scoop.

  2. Share #FNDAware posts on your social media to raise awareness for Functional Neurologic Disorder. #post #share #retweet

  3. Comment - Leave a tip for others who may be struggling with their functional symptoms, that you've found helpful to manage your symptoms.

We're #strongertogether as we support one another in the #FNDCommunity.



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