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Help me choose a title for my memoir?

I've had a dozen working titles to date all which felt inspired! Today, I felt like I got the best one yet, this after meeting a like-minded soul while walking my dog in the forest. When they casually asked: How are you? I decided to not go with the typical: "Fine," and head on down the trail. Instead I turned, smiled and shared. It's my new normal.

In fact, I'm excited these days to be recovering from the most chaotic 18 months of medical trauma. Trauma where I experienced severe complex mental & physical health challenges. Symptoms which would take a team of 11 specialists 2702 days to diagnose. Seven years its taken to finally have the courage to ask for the support I need and the assertiveness to be confident enough to speak power to my truth.

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If you are reading this and struggling with tough stuff right now,

I urge you, right now. Stop, and call someone you trust, turn and talk to a trusted adult, find someone who's ready to listen. We're here for YOU! Your #mentalhealthcommunity. #Readytolisten #Readytosupportyou You ARE WORTHY! All it takes is one question, one comment, one person to hear that you need help, that you're struggling and that you want support.

Connect with your local #MentalHealthAgency

Canadian Mental Health Association (Canada)

Mental Health Foundation (United Kingdom)



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