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Juggling Without Balls - Mental Health Matters

Updated: Jul 6

I was recently interviewed, on the podcast, Juggling Without Balls, by host Monica Parkin.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Monica’s podcasts previously and was delighted to be her guest. Two of my recent favourites offered significant take-aways for personal reflection on my journey to renewed physical health & wellness:

As a new #mentalhealth advocate, and someone who wants to reduce the stigma surrounding speaking about mental illness, I appreciated Monica’s invitation, and the opportunity to speak power into my truth, and share my story.

Was it scary to be interviewed? Absolutely. Knowing I would share my struggle and fears publicly was a decision not made lightly. Considering what seems a truly miraculous recovery, I wanted to share, though so when invited, said "yes." It takes a community of support to recover from trauma, and together, as we support one another, we become stronger.


I trusted Monica implicitly,

despite being a guarded introvert As we open the conversation up, others who may struggle in silence may sense the collective strength of the #mentalhealth community and seek the supports they deserve, require and are worthy of.


  • Listen to the interview below and, if willing to share with your network, friends and family on Social Media, I would be sincerely appreciative.

  • Leave a comment here on the blog or feedback I can share by sending me an e-mail giving me "permission to share."

  • Please also consider leaving feedback on Monica’s site. She did a masterful job at hosting, and I appreciated her insights and skill as an interviewer.

🥰Thank you Monica!

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