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"What the hell just happened?" June, 3rd, 2021

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

”Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step.” Mariska Hargitay

Currently, I'm writing a #Memoir about my #MentalHealth journey, which was a traumatic, life-changing and significant period of personal growth. Over years, my body kept score as I neglected to advocate for myself after experiencing traumatic loss and burying my grief not knowing how or when to seek support. In fact, in a state of overwhelm, fight and flight I didn't know I needed help. I powered on the high-functioning, over-achiever, my perfectionistic personality not serving me well at all.

How I arrived on a path of healing & recovery is the story I share in 'A Very Rare Normal: Advocating for Oneself While Acquiring Care, which aims to answer the question I've been asked again and again. A question I constantly ask myself, "What the hell just happened?" A memoir in progress (June 2021).

A passionate educator, teacher and teacher-librarian (on medical leave) I now find myself fired up to share my story of healing and recovery. After seven years of uncertainty, fear and physical chaos in my body & mind finally I've received diagnostic clarity and necessary supports to ensure understanding as I being anew on a healing journey.

*Still immune-compromised; I"m available on Zoom to speak power to my truth as a #MentalHealthAdvocate.

My goal is to return to my teaching position in January, 2022 at the recommendation from specialists. For now, I write. I'm soaking up relevant information as I participate on mental health panels, read voraciously, attend workshops and seminars. I've been feasting on new insights and networking with MentalHealth practioners and experts in the field learning how to become the most powerful Mental Health advocate possible.

The work of #MentalHealthAdvocacy is critically important; especially now after a world-wide pandemic with its rippling effects. The trauma isolation and distancing have caused to our relationships, friendships and circles of support. We all strongly desire to be back in community again with our people. I have a strong compassion to do this work. I choose to use my capable, strong voice and my miraculous story to empower others to action. In the hope that together we'll be stronger as we fight the stigmas attached to mental health there will come a day when collectively there is greater freedom to speak up and speak out about pain, fear, loss and grief. That we may choose self-love, self-care and a journey toward health & wellness instead as we become empowered to confidently seek needed supports we deserve and need. This knowing we're worthy. #Let'sTalk!

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Andrew Saowapon
Andrew Saowapon
Jul 02, 2021

Proud of you Aunty!!!

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