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Are you a Special Snowflake?

I am❣️

Several weeks ago when I asked a very specific question about my #WIP (Writing/ work in progress) a #mentalhealth #memoir tlitled: A VERY RARE NORMAL: Advocating for Oneself while Acquiring Care, I got a surprise.

An unexpected response:

❄️“Don’t be that special snowflake." ❄️

I understood immediately the unspoken meaning. She'd, simply meant that my question had already been covered by the previous discussion, which outlined editorial characteristics for fiction. She was suggesting that the teaching and learning could be similarly applied to my non-fiction memoir. It had been her playful way of gently suggesting I acknowledge my question had already been answered. ❄️ She’d probably answered this same question from new writers hundreds of times. I caught on quickly.

But, what if I am a special snowflake❓The question stuck. Because, we all are. Each of us with our own unique identity, created by design. Worthy. Enough.

This past 18 months, 13 specialists observed, assessed and determined after 7 years of invasive medical investigation that:

I’m “a very rare normal❣️”

Aren’t we all? WE 💯 ARE.

I have a unique neurological code that reads ‘abnormal’ on EEG’s. It turns out, that‘s just how my body functions. Apparently, these extremely rare discharges, which appeared as potentially dangerous epileptiform spikes, are surprisingly similar to those which cause Epilepsy. Who knew? Except, Mine aren’t epileptic. They’ve now been re-catagorized.

Turns out, I‘m 💯normal❣️And a special snowflake.

I teach. Yes, I’m a proud teacher-leader and student advocate who teaches that: Making mistakes is simply a wise choice. One, we choose as we have the courage to take learning risks. It’s how with a growth mindset we learn to listen, practice, and achieve mastery of new skills.

As a mental-health advocate, I suggest we all get comfortable and start believing our unique quirks, idiosyncrasies and foibles are simply what make us AWESOME. We only need to believe: We are ALL special snowflakes ❄️ and that there are communities of care, support and supporters waiting and available to stand strong alongside us.

Just like us: #Normal ❄️ We’re each unique, worthy and deserving of advocacy and care❣️

P.S. Subscribe if you’re a special snowflake And leave a comment below. Turns out what makes me awesome: Is that I'm no longer silenced by the stigma of #mentalillness. I've been diagnosed with #FND #OCD #PTSD #Anxiety; but I'm not defined by these. I've been uniquely created, by design.🙏


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