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What do you value & prioritize

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Think you know what your values are?

How might you prioritize each of these:

  • Attending to relationships.

  • Be part of a group.

  • Be powerful and able to influence others.

  • Achieve things in life.

  • Live a life of pleasure and satisfaction.

  • Keep life full of exciting events, relationships, and things.

  • Behave respectfully.

  • Be self-directed.

  • Be a spiritual person.

  • Be secure.

  • Recognize the universal good of all things.

  • Contribute to the larger community.

  • Work at self-self-development.

  • Have integrity.

Take Action Steps: to ensure your values align with your, priorities, words, actions, and behaviour.

Then take action:

  • What are some of your possible goals?

  • Pick one goal to work on right now.

  • Figure out a your action steps that will move you toward your goal.

  • Take one action step right now.

  • Describe what you did.

  • Describe what happened next.

Adapted from : DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition, by Marsha M. Linehand copyright 2015.

✅ I challenge you to view this incredible video found on YouTube, and allow it to plant a seed as you prioritize your list. (Link embedded here also.)

*What can we learn from the Unsung Hero

✅ Leave a comment and share: What did you place at the top of the list and why❓

✅ Do you know of other video clips, that have helped you prioritize and align your values❓

✅ Tell us what action step you took, and whether it supported your #mentalhealth & #wellness❣️

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