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You're invited to listen with 💯curiosity.

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Today, I had the honour of being interviewed by Nisha Khare, (Director/Producer, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Professional Speaker, and Career & Learning Consultant for Health Care Canada, on her podcast:

I had an opportunity to discuss my collaboration with the Stigma Free Society, as their newest Stigma Free Champion.

✅ Take the time to check out our 30 minute interview and be part of the solution.

✅ Join in the #mentalhealth conversation: at home, with your colleagues, your children and grandchildren, and in fact with EVERYONE YOU MEET.

#Leave a comment and #share your thoughts/feedback.

✅ Check out Mental Health Resources at the StigmaFreeSociety and StigmaZero to reduce Stigma💯.

It's my privilege to advocate and collaborate with the Stigma Free Society, which encourages the understanding of people’s differences and celebrate diversity and individuality. *Awareness, understanding and acceptance.*

We all have mental health, and spend everyday somewhere on the

Mental Health continuum.

* Most days we're somewhere in between.

Some days everything seems AWESOME❣️

Other days the wheels are falling off the bus 💚

Where are you on the continuum today❓Wouldn't it be great if when you were having one of those days, when the wheels were falling off the bus, and someone asked:

"I can't imagine what you are going through. What's that like for you❓"

I invite you to give it a try... and then take the time to listen, hold space and truly listen (for what is and isn't being said)❣️

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