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You're invited to listen with 💯curiosity.

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Today, I had the honour of being interviewed by Nisha Khare, (Director/Producer, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Professional Speaker, and Career & Learning Consultant for Health Care Canada, on her podcast:

I had an opportunity to discuss my collaboration with the Stigma Free Society, as their newest Stigma Free Champion.

✅ Take the time to check out our 30 minute interview and be part of the solution.

✅ Join in the #mentalhealth conversation: at home, with your colleagues, your children and grandchildren, and in fact with EVERYONE YOU MEET.

#Leave a comment and #share your thoughts/feedback.

✅ Check out Mental Health Resources at the StigmaFreeSociety and StigmaZero to reduce Stigma💯.

It's my privilege to advocate and collaborate with the Stigma Free Society, which encourages the understanding of people’s differences and celebrate diversity and individuality. *Awareness, understanding and acceptance.*

We all have mental health, and spend everyday somewhere on the

Mental Health continuum.

* Most days we're somewhere in between.

Some days everything seems AWESOME❣️

Other days the wheels are falling off the bus 💚

Where are you on the continuum today❓Wouldn't it be great if when you were having one of those days, when the wheels were falling off the bus, and someone asked:

"I can't imagine what you are going through. What's that like for you❓"

I invite you to give it a try... and then take the time to listen, hold space and truly listen (for what is and isn't being said)❣️

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Absolutely Bill, I love your sentiment that we be mindful to brighten the lives of those around us; and especially children. We can never be sure what has impacted or touched their lives on any given day. Thanks for sharing this interesting piece. I'm very grateful to have experienced an incredibly amount of support from family, friends, and the mental health community. For me taking good care of my spiritual, physical, mental and psycho-social health are key to ensuring I'm on a healthy journey to wellness.

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21 Φεβ 2022

This is a fascinating discussion, Jocelyn. Your courage and honesty are inspirational! Coincidentally, I’ve just finished a book about Mark Chapman and his descent into madness before he killed John Lennon. (No comparison to you, of course!) I was surprised at how honest and articulate Chapman was about his own mental health issues. Here’s a quote from one of his interviews:

“… my mind is disheveled. It’s ripped and torn. There is a tornado in my mind, circling around my brain, bits and pieces crashing into the walls. A debris. Broken things. Cloudy things. Things I can’t see, bits and pieces of memories like pieces of torn photographs just blowing across my mind. But at all times, at the forefront,…

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